“Not Having Your Own Information
Products To
Reinforce Your Message You Sacrifice
At Least £50,000 Every Year!”

“How much might you have already lost?”

  • Yes Peter, I want to turn my knowledge, my experience and expertise into on-going streams of cash to I can take greater control of my business, make more of a difference to more people, enjoy greater income, be even happier and more fulfilled and create a genuine work/life balance. What I call - creating and relishing in a business and a life of choice.
  • Yes Peter, count me in for our jam-packed profit-making day together.

FREE Bonuses:

  • Your very own copy of my Lead Magnet: The 7 Big Mistakes Template, so you can see just how to create yours too. Just copy the format I use and get writing! Simple isn’t it? 
  • My personal list of 92 different ways of sharing your knowledge. So you can choose which ones produce the best for you
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  • We believe in helping others so we make it part of our business practice to link our business success with the worldwide charity B1G1 and because you’ve decided to join us for the SORTED! event a family in Africa will receive access to clean water for a whole year. Thank you so much for being part of our efforts.

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Simple tick the box alongside the venue of your choice, Citrus Hotel, Coventry 20th November 2018 and Regents University, Regents Park 28th November 2018 – and pop in your details – then you’ll be able to reserve your ticket (or tickets).

If you have any questions about your booking or our event then just call Rachel Groves or Beverley Parkin on 01926 339901 and they will be able to resolve everything for you.


Trevor Tweed

"It helped us clinch £8,000 or business." - Trevor Tweed

Rob Purfield

"I can attribute at least £25,000 over the last 2 years." - Rob Purfield

Chris and Lynda Chanin

"And we would recommend that anyone who’s serious about investing in themselves and their business to join Peter. It’s worth every penny." - Chris and Lynda Chanin

Mark Wickersham

"Working with Peter over a period of 18 months I created additional profits of over £100,000 using his ideas." - Mark Wickersham

Vic Conant

"If you have the opportunity to work with Peter do not hesitate. He is a world class author and mentor." - Vic Conant