“People Come into Your Life for a Reason”

“People Come into Your Life for a Reason” 631 339 PTDigital

“People Come into Your Life for a Reason”

Perhaps a sharp pencil.

Perhaps a pen with smooth ink.

Maybe, even a hammer, chisel and large block of stone.

Whichever you choose…

Here are the words to inscribe:

“People come into your life for a reason, some for a lifetime, some for a season”

There have been so many instances when these words have resonated

in my mind – at the end of phone calls, meetings or chance encounters.

Here’s one where I knew it was just a ‘season’.

The public company that bought my business ran into trouble.

Shares fell. So did the value of my holdings by about £3m.

My previously supportive bank manager began singing a different tune.

Funny how when it’s sunny they lend you an umbrella and then want it

back as soon as the first raindrops fall.

He called me. I attended the meeting.

He started nervously then because of my pleasant attitude he became

emboldened. Silly man! Did he know strong people are strong regardless

of the circumstances?

Very cockily now he said, “Peter, I’ll need you to give back your Gold Card”.

I replied (knowing the experience was simply a reminder to me) “Of course!

And just so we’re clear… You can never take anything I truly value, my family,

my attitude and my ability to earn. And with those, however hard the times,

I’ll always get through to the other side. Good day”

I rose. Shook his hand somewhat firmer (in hindsight) than I should

have – and left.

“People come into your life for a reason, some for a lifetime, some for a season”

Without the occasion, I would never have crafted that set of words in

quite the way I did. It was the ‘heat of the moment’ that produced the words.

And I’ve used them to guide my path ever since.

Thank you, Mr. B. Manager. If only you’d known what you started that day.

I wonder then…

Who’s come into your life for a season?

And, who’s come just for a season – and what did you learn from them?

Do let me know. I’m fascinated by our journeys and our discoveries

along the path.


Peter Thomson

“The UK’s Most Prolific ~Information Product Creator”

P.S: “90% Of People Want To Write a Book”

… Sadly, most never do and go to the grave with their song still in them …

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