If you’ve ever struggled to sell yourself then…

If you’ve ever struggled to sell yourself then…

If you’ve ever struggled to sell yourself then… 438 235 PTDigital

“How to Sell Yourself and Get Paid”

I’m delighted to welcome you to this article

It really is a powerful idea that can make you a lot of money and make life an

awful lot easier.

Let me give you some context and perspective on this idea to start with.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve been helping people in the helping industry, coaches,

consultants, speakers, trainers, therapists, accountants; people who help people

solve problems or capitalise on opportunities.

One of the biggest challenges people have run into and I’ve been able to help them

with, is this:

They really struggle to explain the benefits they bring to their potential clients,

customers, patients, because it means they’re talking about themselves and they

feel embarrassed about that.

Even worse …

When it comes to talking about how much they should get paid for the major difference

they make to people’s lives, it becomes a mega problem for them. They get really awkward,

tongue-tied, embarrassed, and end up either doing it for nothing, or charging the wrong price.

They end up with a business that’s a real struggle.

They struggle to get clients. They struggle to talk about what they do even though

they’re really good at doing the doing of the doing they do.

And they struggle to build a business and a life of choice, which as you know, is my

real focus with people, helping people build, create for themselves a business or career

and a life of choice.

Is there a way round it?

Yes, there is.

Let’s start at this point:

The ‘blurb!’

If you wrote a book, on the back there’s going to be the ‘blurb’ about the book

and about you.

I’ve written loads of books and audio and video programmes, as you know.

Gelett Burgess wrote a book

In the early 1900s called ‘Are You A Bromide?’

Now, in those days the title would have worked for people, but today people

may wonder what a ‘Bromide’ means.

It means…

“Are you somebody who sends people to sleep with their conversation?”

You have a conversation with a person, you know the sort of person I mean, and

within a few seconds you feel yourself drifting off.

On the back of this book was the original type of ‘blurb.’

Now, there’s discussion about whether it was Gelett Burgess or somebody else who actually created the expression ‘blurb’, but let’s go with the fact it might be him.

Let me give you some of the words (blurb) off the back, which are just amazing words.

The publisher wrote:

“We expect to sell 350 copies of this book, this great, grand book. It has gush and

go to it. It has that certain something, which makes you want to crawl through 30

miles of dense tropical jungle and bite somebody in the neck.”

Some weird copy, isn’t it?

But that was the original ‘blurb.’

So, the way to write good ‘blurb’…

Which is the starting point of this exercise I want to put you through, is to start to

talk about you as though you’re somebody else.

I use a wooden figure, his name is Peter and I write about Peter.

This idea was taught to me by a man called Dan Lee Dimke in America, of Future World.

Dan said to me…

“Peter – don’t write about you, write about somebody else as though that person is you.”

And I found this idea much easier by actually having a prop.

So you could get yourself wooden figure, or something that would work for you

and pretend it’s you.

You could give it a name.

It’s very easy for me to write about Peter and say really nice things about him and

what he’s done in his life, and he built this business and he’s got this stuff, and

he can do this for you too.

You can imagine how different it is to be able to write about this ‘person.’

Next thing:

If you’ve had any difficulty in selling yourself or your fee rate…

Figuratively – get yourself a box and put you in the box.

Give the box a really good name and strap line.

Then, instead of selling you and your fee rate, sell the box and its price.

When people do this, and I’ve seen many people take my advice on this and

do it, it changes everything. The dynamic changes dramatically.

Suddenly you’re not talking about you. You’re talking about the box and the benefits

it brings. The price of the box, and particularly if you call it a system, which is a fantastic

word to use in marketing, it’s so much easier to sell the system.

It could well be what actually happens when somebody buys the box is you turn

up and deliver it. Why not? You’re selling the system. You’re not selling you.

So much easier to test the name of the box and the price of the box.

Here’s an extra benefit for you…

Apart from testing the names, which is obviously a great benefit. It may well be,

as you get comfortable selling the box with you inside it – you end up actually

making this as a distance learning programme.

For example…

One of my programmes ‘The Accelerated Business Growth System’ has 33 DVD modules,

33 CDs (which are the audio of the DVDs) and 3 workbooks within the system – together

with lots of other great information and action plans.

To give you an idea how powerful this is…

When I was selling this, with my colleague Steve, we sold 600 of them at

£3,000 each (£1.8 million, by the way.)

Now, I know there are people who do 50 million+, so in my small way, 1.8 million was

not a bad deal for selling me in a box. It meant the 600 copies sold – I didn’t have to

go and deliver the material to those 600 people. I’d already delivered it into camera

and created my own box.

You can see what a powerful idea this is, can’t you?

How easy it makes it for you to be able to put yourself in the box, give the

box a fabulous name, give it a brilliant strap line.

‘The Accelerated Business Growth System’

‘Turns your business into a well-oiled, profit-generating machine.’

(That was the strap line for it.)

I’ve tested various strap lines, but this one was my favourite.

So, put yourself in the box – for all of your products, write the blurb.

Take Gelett Burgess’s idea and write it.

I think this can really make a difference.

This has made me a lot of money and my life a lot easier, by putting myself

in the box and selling the box.

So until next time.

Every success


Peter Thomson

Editor & Product Creating Publisher

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