“How to Instantly Overcome Writer’s Block!”

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“How to Instantly Overcome Writer’s Block!”

A man, John by name, walks in to a pub.

He stands at the bar.

Orders a drink.

Next to him is another man called Fred.

John has never met Fred before.

Fred starts to speak…

“Err, um, err, um, well, err, um, ooh, umm”

“I know your problem”, says John. “It’s very common”

“You’re suffering with ‘speaker’s block’ aren’t you?”


This story is made up, why?

Because it would never happen!Have you EVER EVER EVER – stared at someone’s face (let’s call that a blank screen) and been totally unable to speak? No, of course not!

No ordinary human being has ever had that problem.

I’m not talking about standing on stage in front of thousands of people and freezing – that’s a vague possibility.

So why, oh why?

Do people talk about, write about, create programmes about – the NON-EXISTENT, so-called: Writer’s block?

They are perpetuating the myth.

Stop it!

Here’s why some people have run into a problem writing what they’d love to share…

1. They imagine they’re writing to an audience so get a version of ‘stage fright’

2. When they write – they must write to ONE PERSON not a crowd. Just like talking to a stranger, or talking to an acquaintance or talking to a friend. One-to-one.

3. They’re editing before they’ve even written anything. STOP IT!

4. Editing and writing are two separate actions.

5. Do the writing – just be sick on the page

6. Then do the editing and get rid of the mess

7. Cover the screen of the computer. In this way anyone who’s writing can stop the editing process happening until they’ve finished the first draft.

8. They’re feeling the judgement of others. There’s no need for this – most people will never read the book anyway – especially if they’ve made the mistake of writing 200 pages. Readership will be less than 1% of 1% for most books of that length.

9. This doesn’t mean that the book can be full of useless stuff, of course not. It should contain the best they have.

“Writing is Just Talking – with Fingers!”
Just talk.

Do a plan for the ‘book’
Do a list of chapters
Do a list of ideas for the chapters
Talk – with fingers!

If anyone ever mentions ‘writer’s block’ – then explain to them the error of their ways – by ‘talking with your fingers’.

They’ll get the message.

Must go – got some ‘talking’ to do.

Go on then

Peter Thomson

“The UK’s Most Prolific Information Product Creator”

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