Don’t Sell – Allow People to Buy

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I’d like to share an idea with you I’ve shared with many corporate sales professionals, whilst carrying out sales training over the years.

When you shift your thinking about the idea we’re about to discuss – if you decide to shift your thinking that is, I know that the commercial world will become a whole new place – brighter – more fun – more exciting – more profitable – than ever before.

Now that’s a pretty bold claim and if you know me well enough to know that I simply don’t make bold claims – unless – boldness is demanded.

In this case, it’s not only demanded it’s screaming for recognition, attention, and action.

So enough of a preamble – here goes:

I hope you’re sitting comfortably…

STOP selling!

Yes , stop selling and allow people to buy.

Simple to say – Yes!

Simple to implement – in fact ‘yes’ – very simple.

Like any shift in paradigm, any shift in thinking – any shift in our attitude towards anything – once we have enough internal motivation to take action – we just do it – it’s done.

Let me give you my thoughts on this mindset…

Many people in corporate sales and business who are involved in face-to-face conversations with potential customers, actually don’t like selling at all.

They do anything they can to avoid what they think will be a confrontation.

And yet – effective selling is anything but a confrontation.

Ok – if you’re selling some widget door to door on a cold and rainy windswept Friday night to people who neither want or can afford what you’re peddling – then maybe just maybe the odd confrontation is going to appear.

But would you and I choose to live our lives doing that?

No I didn’t think so!

We surely want to spend our lives helping our customers to get the solutions they want to their problems – true?


So – why do we need to sell?

OK – so we have to be persuasive, we have to present our products and services in the best light, we have to know our products and services – but sell it – no way.

Here’s the real shift:

It’s commonly believed that the buyer makes the final decision to buy – and yes – he or she does make a decision – however that isn’t – isn’t the final decision.

The ultimate decision maker in any commercial transaction is – the seller.

Here’s why:

The salesperson asks the potential customer good questions to uncover a need or want. The potential buyer responds and facts are gathered. It looks as though there’s a match.

The salesperson makes their presentation or demonstration.

The buyer asks a few more questions, there’s some negotiation on price and the buyer finally – and with some buyers apparently reluctantly – says ‘Yes’ they’ll buy.

Standard stuff. But let’s add one more part of the conversation.

The salesperson hears the buyer say ‘yes’ but decides NOT to accept the order – for whatever reason.

You see the salesperson is the final decision maker – and most salespeople, most business people – most everybody – forgets that!

Once this shift in thinking takes place – the world changes – instantly!

There is no fear of rejection. It’s gone forever! If there’s any rejecting to be done – you’re the rejector not the rejectee!


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