‘Are you a ‘Peter The Positive’​ Frog – or a Nigel The Negative Frog?’​

‘Are you a ‘Peter The Positive’​ Frog – or a Nigel The Negative Frog?’​ 759 720 PTDigital

I want to share a story I heard some years ago whilst speaking at a conference.

You may know that one of the stories I use is about the two frogs. The frog that’s able to jump out of a bucket even though other frogs told him he couldn’t. How was he able to do that because he was deaf and thought the other frogs were cheering him on. That’s certainly the short version of that story.

Anyway there I was at this conference and I used the full story of the two frogs as my speech ending, it was really appropriate to the audience and the speech I’d made.

At the coffee break, one of the people running the seminar, a man called

Chris came up to me and asked if I’d ever heard the story about another two frogs – Peter the positive frog and Nigel the negative frog.

No I haven’t I replied, so he told me the story.

I loved it – here it is.

One day two frogs, Peter the positive frog and Nigel the negative frog

were off on their usual daily adventure to find food. You can imagine, by

the way that I was pleased to hear that Peter was the name of the

positive one. And by the same token I sure that anyone called Nigel

would probably not be so impressed that the negative one bears his name.

OK well back to the story.

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